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Training, Professional Development & Consultation

Your Space Therapies training can be tailored to meet your needs, with 1, 3 or 6 hour sessions. Also, parenting courses can be provided as twilight sessions or as an evening course over a number weeks.

Understanding Children’s Behaviour as Emotional Communication

This course offers an overview of Attachment disorders and considers the impact of early childhood experiences on current behaviour and brain development. Strategies are offered and group thinking encouraged in terms of working with children who have emotional difficulties and challenging behaviours.

How Trauma Affects Emotional and Cognitive Development

A look at how early trauma affects the developing brain and a child’s capacity to learn, relate and love. The training includes suggestions for working creatively to help repair some of the effects of trauma in troubled children and help improve their relational skills and ability to learn.

Attachment Focussed Fostering

A must have training for anyone thinking of becoming a foster carer or any professional working with Looked After Children. This training looks at the unique relationship between children in care and their carers.  It also provides a space for group thinking and strategies for thriving in the special role of being a carer.

Helping Young People in Crisis

Self-harm, suicidal thoughts and eating disorders are rife and current issues in our schools. This training offers a therapeutic perspective into these behaviours and offers understanding and thoughtful interventions that may help professionals connect with young people experiencing these harrowing feelings and behaviours.

Therapeutic Storytelling

Metaphor is the emotional language of children. This is a hands-on and creative training which provides skills for teachers, learning mentors and teaching assistants in empathising with children and enhancing children’s emotional literacy

Enhancing Children’s Emotional Language Using the Arts

The arts are powerful tools in helping children express their emotions. This training provides teachers, learning mentors and teaching assistants essential skills and creative exercises to use in circle times, PSHE lessons or in one-to-one sessions with students to enrich their emotional literacy.

Parenting Skills: Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour

This is a supportive parenting skills course that explores the challenges parents may experience. This course provides information, hands on skills and activities to empower parents in managing tantrums, challenging behaviour and children’s emotional needs in creative and loving ways. The essential skills parents learn on this course are aimed at enhancing children’s social, emotional and educational development and building strong bonds between parents and children.

Helping Children with Loss and Bereavement

Loss can come in many forms and have a profound effect on all of us and our relationships. This training discusses the impact of grief and loss on children’s brain development, emotional states and behaviours. It offers interventions and creative pathways to help young people manage the overwhelming feelings that come with loss.


Your Space Therapies provides consultation services regarding supporting children at home and in school. This involves a therapist meeting with key adults in the team around the child and putting together a bespoke behaviour and support plan for the child which includes reflection of their attachment style, relational, behavioural and emotional needs from a psychotherapeutic perspective. An observation, report and follow-up can also be included in the consultation.